Podiatry Care for Senior Citizens

Podiatry care service for Senior Citizens

Ageing brings a lot of health issues. Some of them need special treatment, while others can be controlled with simple and regular care. Foot problems are one of the most common health issues for seniors. Routine foot care will help them to get rid of these issues and stay mobile. However, you are suggested to look for reliable podiatry care for seniors if the problem is severe.

Common Foot Care Tips for Seniors

Keep Feet Clean: It is highly required to keep the feet clean to maintain good foot hygiene. Their feet must be washed and cleaned at least once a week to prevent bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Moisturise Feet: Ageing makes skin dry, and dry skin is more prone to flaking, cracking and breaking. Older adults must use good quality moisturisers or foot lotion on their feet to keep them soft and supple.

Trim Nails: Ingrown toenails can be a challenging issue for older adults. If they cannot cut their nails independently, the family members or the carers must trim their nails to avoid infections and pain.

Monitor Sores: Foot heels are one of the most common areas for getting bedsores. If you or your family cannot get up from bed, you are suggested to keep an eye on them for monitoring sores. If necessary, then call out for an expert’s opinion.

Visit the Experts: If you think that the condition is getting worse and you need some expert advice, never hesitate to visit a certified podiatrist who can offer the right podiatry care to seniors. They will check their feet to diagnose the issue and provide the proper treatment.

At John the Footman, we offer podiatry care for people of all ages, including seniors. We can even do home visits to provide the treatment if the person cannot come to our clinic.

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