Chiropodist Services in Aldershot and Farnham

Foot Pains, Strains and Complaints

Diagnosis of many problems is vital for your well being. Be sure to ask me as soon as possible for my foot treatments which will vary according to each individual problem.

I provide custom made orthotic insoles which are designed for your individual needs. Orthotics help you to move better and help your sporting action as well as your ankle, heel, knee and ‘hip’ pains.

Please talk to me about your individual problems. I will listen.

Orthotics (specialised insoles) often clear up the condition, but there are many other treatments available. Sometimes, shock absorbing heel raises can help and I can provide these devices for you.

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Foot Clinic

Athlete’s Foot and Fungus Nails

More people have these often ugly and uncomfortable conditions than previously thought. Ask for my advice and recommended treatments. Itchy and hot feet can soon be a thing of the past.


Corns and Callus

Hard skin usually caused by excess friction over a joint. I remove these unsightly problems and advise on future treatment to make you more comfortable.
Foot Clinic


The verruca is an infection caused by a virus [HPV], and treatment and cure of verrucas can often be difficult. However, I find that verruca treatment with ointment usually clears them up.
Foot Clinic

Athlete’s Foot and Fungus Nails

Nails can be treated “conservatively” or by a procedure in which I will cure the ingrowing toe nail forever. Please ask for details if this is your problem.
Nail Cutting Service
For people who only need toe nail cutting, I will see you in the afternoons and charge ONLY £27.00. This special offer applies to anyone but an appointment is necessary – Please ring me on 01252 323673.
Stubborn Corns and Mycotic Nails Treatment
I am now able to provide additional solutions for the treatment of those stubborn corns which seem to defy treatment. Special treatment is now available to remove these corns, hopefully for ever, using equipment which has not been previously used in my surgery.
Verrucas can now be treated this way. Those verrucas that have been with you forever may be treated and cleared. Nails that have been infected for years may now be treated with our new laser which treats previously ‘impossible’ mycotic nails. Please ask me for an explanation, and an appointment.
Convenient Foot Care in Aldershot & Farnham
My new practice is based in Aldershot and caters for Patients within the Aldershot & Farnham area. I can also arrange home visits for Patients in the local area too. To make an initial enquiry without obligation, simple complete the form on the right of the page.

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