Common Signs Indicating That You Should Visit a Podiatrist


A certified and experienced podiatrist offers treatments to people with different foot problems.  It can be foot pain, strains, stiffness or other types of complaints.

Apart from the obvious reasons like injuries or diabetes, you should be aware of the common signs indicating that your foot needs the care of an expert.

Most Common Symptoms of Foot Issues

  • Pain, Swelling and Numbness:

    You can have foot pain, swelling or numbness after sitting in one position for long hours or standing on your feet all day. This is normal. But, if you experience sudden and unexplained pain, stiffness, and numbness in one foot, you should consider it as a sign of a serious health issue and try consulting a podiatrist.

  • Nail Fungus:

    If you notice pain in toenails due to a fungus infection, you must book a trip to your nearest podiatry clinic.

  • Prolonged Heel Pain:

    People experiencing continuous heel pain for an extended period should not neglect it. They must book an appointment with a reliable and experienced podiatrist to know the reason for this issue and get proper treatment.

  • Bunions:

    The growth of a bony bump outside the big toe joint can be extremely painful. The podiatrist will suggest an X-ray to know the cause of such growth. Then, he can suggest the right treatment depending upon the type and size of your bunions.

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